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Cluster / Cluster 71 (CD)

Cluster / Cluster 71

(CD – Water)

On the outer edge of German space rock, Cluster ’71 stands as a testament to minimalist “Kosmische” music. The three untitled tracks composed and performed by Moebius and Roedelius are exploratory, ever-changing pieces with focuses on guitar distortion and synthesizer wails, though each goes far beyond.

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Cluster / Cluster II (Vinyl LP + CD)

Cluster / Cluster II

(Vinyl LP + CD – Lilith)

“Originally released in 1972, this is the second album by legendary German ambient pioneers Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Moebius and Roedelius essentially create ambient electronic soundscapes that ebb and flow, droning on in a suspended world of anti-gravity where machine has conquered man. Now with bonus CD of the album.” – Lilith.

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