May Blitz

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May Blitz / The 2nd Of May (Vinyl LP)

May Blitz / The 2nd Of May

(Vinyl LP – Akarma)

A gem of a find for Psychedelic/Progressive Rock fans. With only two albums to their name, May Blitz were very much like a ‘May Fly’ in the sense that they were here for a very short time, did some great things and then were gone!
LP 180 gram, thick paste on sleeve. This is the, harder to find, second album by British heavy prog rock icons May Blitz. Beginning with the agressive powerhouse “Mad Men Only”, the sound of the band is compact and immediate, bringing to mind the Groundhogs in certain moments. “Snakes And Ladders”, on the other hand, takes on certain gothic themes that are closer to Black Sabbath, while “Honey Coloured Time” has a jazz driven rhythm and “Just Thinking” is pure Pink Floyd psychedelia. This is a chance to rediscover this pillar of heavy rock with out having to pay the high price that original copies fetch.

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