Purple Majesty

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Purple Majesty / In This Day And Age (7" Vinyl)

Purple Majesty / In This Day And Age

(7″ Vinyl – Norton Records)

Mickey Leigh’s 1967 garage band produced by 15 year old Joey Ramone! Taken from the only surviving (very crude) acetate!

IN 1967, 15-YEAR-OLD Jeff Hyman of Queens, New York was nearly a decade away from inventing punk rock as Joey Ramone. He was already making records. In the late winter of that year, he made an irresistible offer to a neighborhood psychedelic trio, Purple Majesty: He would take them into a proper studio and produce a single. The band – singer-guitarist Doug Scott, drummer Andy Ritter and Joey’s younger brother, bassist Mickey Leigh, all barely 13 but writing their own tunes – jumped at the chance. Joey and Purple Majesty cut two songs, a group original called “In This Day and Age” and a version of the Blues Project‘s “I Can’t Keep From Crying,” at Sanders Recording Studios on West 48th Street.

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