The Deviants

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The Deviants / Ptooff! (Vinyl LP)

The Deviants / Ptooff!

(Vinyl LP – Tiger Bay)

Founded by legendary counter-culture figure Mick Farren and Russell Hunter and inspired by The Fugs, the band was the first of the anarchic groups to emerge from the Ladbroke Grove area of London. Two years before Hawkwind burst on to the underground scene, The Deviants were preaching revolution and creating their own form of musical anarchy.

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The Deviants / The Deviants (Vinyl LP)

The Deviants / The Deviants

(Vinyl LP – Music On Vinyl)

The self-titled third album was the beginning of the definite split between the band members. This record shows how they were still rocking in a wonderful mix between psychedelic, garage, blues, and rock. The overall vibe is amazing and it is a fascinating glimpse into the underground music of the late ’60s. The album has aged quite well and is still a master of art.

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