The Hotbeats

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The Hotbeats ‎- Listen / Injun (7" Vinyl)

The Hotbeats – Listen / Injun

(7″ Vinyl – Rychard Records)

Back from the Grave worthy 60’s Garage gem repro! Black Wax. Listed as one of the MOST LEGENDARY COLLECTABLE U.S. 60’s GARAGE 45’s of all time! So rare that very little information is available about these cats anywhere on the internets! Mid-60s PRIMORDIAL ROCK! The A-Side of this incredible rarity is a rough and rockin’ Garage original in the style of early Kinks with GREAT put-down lyrics!: “you don’t think like me, you don’t think like me, you want to settle down, I want to run around. Come on listen you, you and me are through…one girl’s not enough, even if she’s tough…don’t try to tie me down…waaaaaughggh! you are in the past, our love didn’t last…now you know that I, like to see girls cry”. The B-Side “Injun” is a great primal instrumental thumper.

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