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The Bachs / Out Of The Bachs (Vinyl LP)

The Bachs / Out Of The Bachs

(Vinyl LP – Out-Sider)

60s garage–psych moody monster!

“Out Of The Bachs” was released in 1968 as a private pressing of 150 copies and it’s one of the rarest USA 60s garage / teenbeat albums ever.

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Boogie / In Freak Town (Vinyl LP + Download Card)

Boogie / In Freak Town

(Vinyl LP + Download Card – Out-Sider)

Unissued recordings by this very LOUD power trio from San Francisco, modeled after Cream, Blue Cheer or The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Including their fantastic studio demo from 1968 plus raw & wild live tracks from 1969.

Boogie (or The Boogie) was probably the first hard-blues / proto-metal group that emerged from the San Francisco scene. This power-trio was formed by Barry “The Bee” Bastian (Canned Heat, Lee Michaels…) on guitar/vocals; John Barrett (The Rhythm Dukes) on bass and Fuzzy John Oxendine (Roky Erickson & The Aliens, Jerry Miller Band…) on drums.

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Ouba / Ouba (Vinyl LP)

Ouba / Ouba

(Vinyl LP – Out-Sider)

Canadian rarity from 1968, recorded under the influence of hallucinogenic substances by a bunch on underground musicians: Michel Pagliaro, Tony Roman, Denis Lepage and Andy Shorter. The album consists of just one long freak–out jam divided in two sides: raw basement sound, acid guitar, stoned vocals, keyboards and loud drums, similar to early Soft Machine, Pink Floyd at their most free–form phase or Can.

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Stone Garden / Stone Garden (Vinyl LP)

Stone Garden / Stone Garden

(Vinyl LP – Out-Sider)

Stone Garden were a heavy psychedelic band from the Midwest, famous releasing in 1969 one of the best heavy–psych 45s ever, “Oceans inside me”, for the same label as the legendary Fraction (Angelus). Between 1969 and 1971 they also recorded a bunch of tracks which never saw the light of day until the mid–90s, when the great Rockadelic label issued them in a limited edition vinyl album. Out of print for many years, we present a new edition of the Stone Garden album featuring new artwork and insert with lot of pictures and liner notes. Furious, ultra–primitive hard–psychedelic rock in Sabbath and Blue Cheer vein, highly recommended to anyone into obscure 70s doom and hard–rock sounds.

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Wildwood / Plastic People (Vinyl LP)

Wildwood / Plastic People

(Vinyl LP – Out-Sider)

Raw, in–your–face hard psychedelia with plenty of Vox and Hammond organ, hard guitar and powerful vocals courtesy of WILDWOOD. Formed in the late ’60s in Stockton, California, this powerful outfit rubbed shoulders with groups like Country Weather, Steve Miller Band or Grateful Dead and played at legendary venues such as the Fillmore and the Matrix.

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