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Unovidual / M.NOMIZED - Saunetic Fraction (Tape)

Unovidual / M.NOMIZED – Saunetic Fraction

(Cassette Tape – Peripheral Minimal)

Originally released in 1985, “Saunetic Fraction” finally gets a reissue [ limited to 100 copies ] and staying true to the original, once again on tape! A collaboration of France’s M.NOMIZED (aka Michel Madrange of No Unauthorized) and Belgium’s UNOVIDUAL (aka Henk Wallays of Micrart Group / co-founder of the 3rio tape label with Magisch theater and Dirk Ivens of Absolute Body control) . The 18-track album is a diverse beast, but affirms itself among the grandees of Minimal Synth and Electropunk, whilst maintaining a unique twist. At times coming across as the French / Belgian version of Chris & Cosey, there are also elements of the early cut-up ‘Dadaist’ experiments of Cabaret Voltaire, whilst maintaining an accessible synthpop sensibility, perhaps comparable to Front 242’s earliest singles. A much sort after tape, that was originally released in a ludicrously small edition, on Unovidual’s own label.

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