Brainticket / Cottonwoodhill (Vinyl LP + CD)


180 gr / Gatefold cover

+ Bonus CD

Label: Lilith

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2018 reissue/repress – remastered

Gatefold cover / 180gr vinyl

featuring a bonus CD which contains the same material on 4 tracks.


Format: Vinyl LP + CD

#Ref: LR-313

Release date: 2018

Release notes

Reissue of the legendary 1971 debut album by Brainticket that is widely considered a landmark psychedelic masterpiece!

Being as LSD was first developed in a laboratory in Basel, it is perhaps no coincidence that one of the most “far out” albums of all time was made by this Swiss band (no small feat, given the competition!). Brainticket’s 1971 debut, Cottonwoodhill, begins normally enough with two fine psychedelic / kraut rock-influenced tracks, but the remainder of the album plays like an acid trip with a soundtrack, dominated by Joel Vandroogenbroeck’s endless droning organ, a variety of musique concrète-type sound effects and vocalist Dawn Muir’s trippy vocals. The album, banned in several countries, even came with this self-imposed warning: “After Listening to this Record, your friends may not know you anymore. “Only listen to this once a day, your brain might be destroyed!”

(from the back side of the sleeve):

“Listen to the first recording of this LSD/Hashish/Fixy/Jointy Sound. Take a trip to your inner light. See the hallucinations of reality rise out of the groove. you’ve got your brainticket now ! Hallelujah !”


A1 Black Sand – A2 Places Of Light
Brainticket: A3 Brainticket Part I – B1 Brainticket Part I Conclusion – B2 Brainticket Part II

1 Black Sand – 2 Places Of Light
Brainticket: 3 Brainticket Part I – 4 Brainticket Part I Conclusion – 5 Brainticket Part II

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