Faust – So Far / It’s A Bit Of Pain (7″ Vinyl)


7″ Vinyl / Reissue – Remastered

Ltd edition – 45 rpm Single

Label: Play Loud!

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7″ Vinyl / Reissue – Remastered

Ltd edition – 45 rpm Single

First official re-release since 1972. Remastered from original tapes. Recorded at wümme in 1972.
Licensed from polydor / faust. Non-LP Tracks.


Format: 7″ Vinyl

#Ref: pl-20

Release date: 2010

Release notes

Essential ! First reissue of Faust‘s only 7″, originally released only in Germany, France, and the UK in 1972. This reissue bears the original artwork and was remastered by Faust member Hans-Joachim Irmler from the original recordings. Both tracks are non-LP versions.

“So Far’ is an instrumental: a simple rhythm chugs along, a sax stabs away, guitars and synth wail in and out. It’s a mesmerising drone, that doesn’t sit still and never fails to please. ‘It’s a Bit of a Pain’ (said to be John Peel’s favourite Faust track) is another side of Faust: a gentle acoustic, piano-led ballad/song against which a noise momentarily intercedes and a piano tinkles and a fuzzy guitar trails away to the end. Both are sublime. Although nearly 40 years old these could be seen as historical [‘Krautrock’] curiosities and ones for the collection , but they sound fresh and modern even by today’s standards and a reminder as to how insipid much of today’s music is. Do yourself a favour and feed.


A So Far 4:12
B It’s A Bit Of Pain 3:26

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