Greylock Mansion / Greylock Mansion (Vinyl LP)


Comes with inserts & lyric sheet.

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Label: Lysergic Sound distributors

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Limited edition / inserts with pictures of the band, posters from live appearances, and a lyric sheet.

Restoration & Remastering at Screw Loose Studios Tucson, AZ. In memory of two talented artists and great friends, Merl Reagle & Alan Wolney R.I.P.


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: JLP 031578

Release date: 2016

Release notes

LYSERGIC SOUND DISTRIBUTORS unearths another unknown buried treasure of pure 1960’s underground psychedelia by GREYLOCK MANSION, a potent four piece band that emerged loudly from the Sonoran Desert city of Tucson, Arizona in 1968. There’s a total of nine original songs, all of them restored and remastered from the original 1969 studio reels that had been stored for more than 45 years. Six of these songs were never released while three of the songs had been released on two private label 45 micro-pressings in 1970 and 1971.

The sound is a powerful blend of deep underground psych with dominant thick funereal organ, distorted fuzz guitar and effects, and heavy precise drumming. The influence of The Doors and Iron Butterfly is evident as well a touch of early Black Sabbath’s slow grinding sludge. Yet for all the desired heaviness, which is plentiful, the lyrics may be even more interesting – generally dark, meaningful, thoughtful words that are masterfully constructed and thought provoking, with mystical, sci-fi and otherworldly themes like time travel, trips to Mars , death by spider (seriously) and funeral accoutrements, along with other wicked inventiveness!

It’s hard to believe the lyrics and music were written by a 19 year old college student until you realize that student was MERL REAGLE, who later became a master wordsmith, raconteur and the most famous crossword puzzle author in the U.S. Merl was syndicated in more than 50 of the largest newspapers in the country and made numerous television and movie appearances and was even portrayed as a character on the enormously popular TV show, The Simpsons.

GREYLOCK MANSION’S mix of original songs that meld science fiction, horror movie themes and Reagle’s lyrics, together with roaring heavy fuzz guitar, doomy organ and spiritually mysterious psychedelia, is a robust and compelling blend that can finally and deservedly be heard and appreciated by fans of the heavy ultra-obscure underground psychedelic gems of the era. Their musicianship, melodic yet heavy tunes and songwriting are superior to many of the “big name” bands of the time.

The cover art is a colorful enigmatic portrayal of the very early 20th century mysticism that visually represents the name of the band, it’s sound and it’s subject matter quite accurately. This is a fully licensed Lysergic Sound Distributors release , (catalog number JLP 031578), presented only as a limited number vinyl release. Included are inserts with pictures of the band, posters from live appearances, and a lyric sheet.


A1 Catafalque 3:49 / A2 Dedication 5:09 / A3 Pretty For Petting 2:46 / A4 Spiders 6:00 / A5 Time Machine 4:24

B1 Over My Shoulder 3:11 / B2 Sanctum Sanctorum 5:48 / B3 On The Mountainside 4:13 / B4 Mars 9:02

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