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Reissue – Remastered

Recorded June ’75 with Conny’s mobile equipment at Harmonia Studio Forst, mixed July ’75 at Conny’s Studio


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: LPGRON151

Release date: 2015

Release notes

Harmonia was formed in the early ’70s by Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius of Cluster, together with Michael Rother of Neu!. Although this Kraut rock supergroup produced only two albums, its minimalist sound laid the groundwork for ambient and motorik rock for decades to come. Leaning slightly more towards Cluster’s sound of that band’s second and last release, 1975’s ‘Deluxe’ (here reissued on vinyl) features more structured songs, along with a sparse spattering of vocals, and a guest appearance of Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru on a few tracks.

Harmonia’s second album, Deluxe (1975), was co-produced by the brilliant producer and engineer Conny Plank, who had worked with NEU!, Cluster, Kraftwerk, and many other bands. At that time, Plank had started his own studio near Cologne. He brought a 16-track mobile MCI recording machine and a small mixing desk to Forst. Plank stayed in Forst for about two weeks, and Mani Neumeier, the energetic drummer of Guru Guru, also joined in on a few of the tracks. Deluxe was recorded on Plank’s equipment in Forstin the summer of 1975, and mixed at his studio soon afterwards.


A1: Deluxe (Immer Wieder) (9:45) A2: Walky-Talky (10:35)
B1: Monza (Rauf Und Runter) (7:07) B2: Notre Dame (4:15) B3: Gollum (4:35) B4: Kekse (5:35)

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