Human Expression / Love At A Psychedelic Velocity (Vinyl LP)


Vinyl  LP / Reissue – Repress


Label: Mississippi/Change Records

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Vinyl  LP / Reissue – Repress


Repress of the compilation originally released with Moi J’connais Records and Mississippi Records in 2013


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: MRP-043

Release date: 2017

Release notes

Unbelievably great psychedelic garage rock from 1966-1968. Up there with the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Love and the Seeds in quality but with an outsider edge to it. Tough as nails deep heavy group who never got the exposure they deserved back in the day. A few songs leaked out on vinyl on psych comps (Optical Sound, Love at a Psychedelic Velocity and Reading Your Will) but the rest has not been on vinyl until now. Beautiful singer/songwriter ballads & frantic rockers sit side by side creating a truly great lost classic of the 1960’s.

In 1966, four high school students from the Los Angeles suburbs formed The Human Expression, and by January 1967, their first single, Love At Psychedelic Velocity b/w Every Night, was released to an unsuspecting public.

It was a dazzling, driving, opus of mind-bending sounds, and a harbinger of things to come.

Their second single, Optical Sound b/w Calm Me Down, released in the Summer Of Love, was a two-sided tour de force, with brooding introspective lyrics by lead singer, Jim Quarles.

The Human Expression’s edgy bad boy image was the antithesis of the flower-children image so prevalent for groups in 1967.

The Human Expression’s third single was Sweet Child Of Nothingness, written by Mars Bonfire, who offered the band another new song, Born To Be Wild.

Quarles thought the lyrics trite, and since he was the lead singer, the band rejected the song, even before Steppenwolf recorded it.

Nevertheless, the three singles The Human Expression released during their short-lived career, would burnish their reputation as one of the finest garage bands to emerge from the mid-60’s Los Angeles music scene.


A1 Love At A Psychedelic Velocity
A2 Outside Of It All
A3 Every Night
A4 Optical Sound
A5 Sweet Child Of Nothingness
A6 I Don’t Need Nobody
A7 Calm Me Down
B1 Readin’ Your Will
B2 Room Of Shadows
B3 I Told Her
B4 Return Nevermore
B5 Judgement Of Rejection
B6 Following Me
B7 Who Is Burning

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