Neon Pearl / 1967 Recordings (CD)


CD / Reissue

w/ 8-page Booklet

Label: Acme / Lion Productions

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CD / Reissue

Tracks 1 to 8 originally released on LP in 2001 as 1967 Recordings.

From the booklet:

“All songs written by Peter Dunton, recorded 1967 except tracks 4 & 8, acoustic home demos late 1967.”

Standard clear jewel case release including an eight page booklet and a two-sided rear tray insert.


Format: CD

#Ref: ACLN 1001 CD

Release date: 2004

Release notes

First time on CD for these incredible sessions from the year of psychedelia’s apex—gliding rhythms and softly pulsing melodies floating on a bed of organ and harmonium (‘Out Of Sight’ and ‘Going With The Flow’ in particular are especially delicious). Peter Dunton (drums/vocals), Bernard Jinks (bass) and Rod Harrison (guitar) (sometime members of PLEASE and THE FLIES and later in legendary band T2) plied their trade as Neon Pearl in Germany in the summer of 1967.

After a few months playing to appreciative German audiences, they returned to England where a music publisher financed them to lay as many tracks to tape as they could within the few hours booked. The result is what we have here. Almost certainly the most spartan of Dunton-related material reissued thus far, but it doesn’t suffer because of it, rather it gives it a feel all of its own. This edition is taken from the master tapes, and comes complete with two bonus tracks not on the limited LP edition!


1 What You See 4:58

2 Dream Scream 4:24

3 Out Of Sight 6:59

4 Just Another Day 3:50

5 Forever 5:22

6 Going With The Flow 5:40

7 Urban Ways 4:03

8 Going Back 4:07

Bonus Tracks

9 Dream 2:23

10 Nothing To Say 1:56

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