Popol Vuh / Affenstunde (Vinyl LP)


Transparent Blue vinyl

Ltd to 500 copies

Label: Klimt

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2018 reissue – limited numbered edition of 500 / Transparent Blue vinyl


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: MIJ-347

Release date: 2018

Release notes

“Brilliant debut by the godfathers of ambient and world music, Popol Vuh! Originally released in 1970, Affenstunde (literally Ape Hour) was the first album by a German band to employ the extraordinary sounds of the Moog synthesizer. Blending electronics with traditional percussion instruments, Popol Vuh – led by the legendary multi-instrumentalist Florian Fricke – created a tribal and dreamlike blanket of sound that would go on to influence many-a-band on the krautrock scene and beyond. Popol Vuh would also soon famously begin to collaborate with Werner Herzog, composing many of the soundtracks to his films from this period (including Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Nosferatu and Fitzcarraldo). Numbered edition of 500 copies.” -Klimt.


Aa Dream Part 4 8:40 / Ab Dream Part 5 4:50 / Ac Dream Part 49 7:35
B Affenstunde 18:57

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