The Misfits / Beware (7″ Vinyl)


7″ Vinyl / Reissue

Label: Plan 9

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7″ Vinyl / Reissue

All tracks except track B3 “Last Caress” were previously released in the US on various 7″s.
Tracks A1 to A4 taken from the “Bullet” 7″ EP.
Tracks B1 and B2 taken from the “Horror Business” 7″ EP.
Track B3 “Last Caress” was recorded in January 1978 and remixed in September 1979, the remixed version is included here.


Format: 7″ Vinyl

#Ref: PLP9

Release date: N/A

Release notes

The Misfits released their iconic Beware EP in 1980 on Plan 9 out of the UK. This gem features classics like “We Are 138”, “Hollywood Babylon”, “Attitude” and the monster “Teenagers From Mars”. They would later release the legendary Walk Among Us LP in 1982 and the genie was out of the bottle.

The EP was released through Plan 9 Records in January 1980. It combines the material from the two previously released singles “Bullet (1978)” and “Horror Business (1979)”, although “Children in Heat” from the latter is replaced here by “Last Caress”, which at the time was exclusive to “Beware”. The EP was originally planned for a late 1979 release, and pressed to be brought with The Misfits on their November 1979 UK tour supporting The Damned. The cover artwork was not ready in time though and the release date was pushed. EP release or not The Misfits still went to England, but the tour was a disaster. The Damned didn´t know The Misfits were booked to support them, and after not receiving any payment for playing The Misfits cancelled the rest of their shows. To make matters worse lead vocalist Glenn Danzig and guitarist Bobby Steele were arrested after a fight in London and had to spend two nights in jail before returning to the US, where they found out that drummer Joey Image had quit the band.


A1 We Are 138
A2 Bullet
A3 Hollywood Babylon
A4 Attitude
B1 Horror Business
B2 Teenagers From Mars
B3 Last Caress

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