Rudimentary Peni

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Rudimentary Peni / Death Church (Vinyl LP)

Rudimentary Peni / Death Church

(Vinyl LP – Sealed Records)

The words legendary, seminal, and classic get thrown around at will these days, but Rudimentary Peni’s debut album is all of them. Recorded over two days at Southern Studios by John Loder and originally released in 1983 by Crass off-shoot label Corpus Christi, Death Church showed a band moving away from the urgency of their two early 7”s and into their own realm. Creating a template that bands have been trying to replicate ever since, while ticking all the boxes to become a genre-defining album. Iconic artwork, a unique sound and their own lyrical universe. All merging seamlessly.

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Rudimentary Peni / Rudimentary Peni (7" Vinyl)

Rudimentary Peni / Rudimentary Peni

(7″ Vinyl EP – Sealed Records)

Reissue of Rudimentary Peni’s stunning debut 12-song 7”. Recorded in 1981 at Street Level Studios and originally released on their own Outer Himalayan label. From the first track Rudimentary Peni pull you in and aurally assault your ears. It’s abrasive, sharp with supreme musicianship. They created a perfect, demented universe of twisted, poetic and needle in the red punk that has never been bettered. This reissue comes with a fold out replica sleeve with the iconic Blinko foetus artwork and booklet. Remastered from original tapes by Arthur Rizk.

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