The Rockets

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The Rockets – Even Money / Steppin' Outa Line (7" Vinyl)

The Rockets – Even Money / Steppin’ Outa Line

(7″ Vinyl – Munster Records)

The Rockets were natives of London’s Ladbroke Grove, and precursors of UK punk rock heroes Warsaw Pakt. They played high-energy rhythm & blues with hard-boiled street-smart lyrics delivered quick and cool against super-charged Chuck Berry guitar licks. “Two of the best tracks are presented here for the first time: the tough, cocksure rocker ‘Even Money’ and the explosive, Who-influenced ‘Steppin’ Outa Line’. While The Rockets were still rooted in rhythm & blues, their revved-up approach signaled the changes that were already taking place in the streets around them.” — Mike Stax

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