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The Gun Club / Fire Of Love (Vinyl LP)

The Gun Club / Fire Of Love

(Vinyl LP – Munster Records)

2021 repress; 2003 release.What makes Fire Of Love such a brilliant listen long after its time is that this blatant homage to the blues was amplified, energized and kicked into overdrive — in a new style that combined the ghostliness of the original model with a FAST, unwound and supremely energetic beat. The engineering feats of Pat Burnette contributed to that sound: he wielded his Quad-Teck studios like a weapon, and mastered some of the greatest sides in LA music history (such as Germs‘ GI). Pure fullness of sound and the raw hot throb of records that were made to stand the test of time. From the immensely dark and aggressive sexuality of “Sex Beat,” Gun Club’s most recognizable number, to the fetishistic salute to fellow traveler Poison Ivy of The Cramps in “For The Love Of Ivy,” including the hellfire classic “She’s Like Heroin To Me,” a 2:33 masterpiece in which everything comes together; Fire Of Love is pure perfection. It stands among the greatest classics of rock history, and shows the genius of the great Jeffrey, whose haunted singing has never been replaced. It proved out to be one of the most influential records of the ’80s, with countless musicians declaring their love for the Club.

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Kim Fowley / Living In The Streets (Vinyl LP)

Kim Fowley / Living In The Streets

(Vinyl LP – Munster Records / Mono-Tone Records)

Kim Fowley has been a maverick presence in rock n’ roll history for over fifty years. Living In The Streets (1977) is a compilation of his solo recordings, some of them dating back to the beginning of the decade, and remains a worthy monument to the seventies recordings of the Dorian Gray of rock n’ roll, the human jukebox: the unstoppable Kim Fowley.

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Mars / 3 E b/w 11,000 Volts (7″ Vinyl)

Mars / 3 E b/w 11,000 Volts

(7″ Vinyl – Munster Records)

Reissue of the 1978 debut 7″ by Mars, one of the essential bands from New York’s no wave scene. “A cavernous musical universe riddled with eerie sound storms whose poisoned atmosphere seduced and threatened. Obtuse and unforgiving. Sickly sexy.” – Lydia Lunch

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The Monks / Demo Tapes 1965 (CD)

The Monks / Demo Tapes 1965

(CD – Munster Records / Play Loud!)

Yes, the legendary band the Monks, responsible for one of the most fabulous records of 60s (Black Monk Time). This is a totally pro studio recording that preceded the album. Here you can find earlier versions of most the album best songs. In this record we have also included two tracks of The Five Torquays (The Monks before changing names and shaving their heads), and one track of the Monks Tribute record Monk Hop by Jason Forrest. Listen up, jerk, it’s black Monk time all over again!

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The Rockets – Even Money / Steppin' Outa Line (7" Vinyl)

The Rockets – Even Money / Steppin’ Outa Line

(7″ Vinyl – Munster Records)

The Rockets were natives of London’s Ladbroke Grove, and precursors of UK punk rock heroes Warsaw Pakt. They played high-energy rhythm & blues with hard-boiled street-smart lyrics delivered quick and cool against super-charged Chuck Berry guitar licks. “Two of the best tracks are presented here for the first time: the tough, cocksure rocker ‘Even Money’ and the explosive, Who-influenced ‘Steppin’ Outa Line’. While The Rockets were still rooted in rhythm & blues, their revved-up approach signaled the changes that were already taking place in the streets around them.” — Mike Stax

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Steve Treatment / All Dressed For Tomorrow (Vinyl LP)

Steve Treatment / All Dressed For Tomorrow

(Vinyl LP – Munster Records / Messthetics)

An essential DIY collection from one of the most intriguing figures of the late 70s British punk scene. Extensive liner notes by Chuck Warner (Hyped To Death, Messthetics) accompanied by copious photos and memorabilia. “All my songs are ‘A’ sides” (ST).
Brilliant DIY’n’roll from Steve Treatment, one of the most fascinating but less heralded figures of the late 70s British punk/DIY scene. Bonding over a shared love for Marc Bolan, Steve and a young Nikki Sudden hung out and busked together around London from 1976-1978 and the Swell Maps played on Steve’s first single, released on their own Rather label in 1978. “All Dressed For Tomorrow includes said record, Steve’s other two singles from 1979, plus highlights of unreleased 1977-1979 recordings. Raw, unkempt, experimental glam rock magic. Chuck Warner’s extensive liner notes also cover Steve’s interactions with Bolan, assorted punk-stars, the Moors Murderers, Derek Jarman… among others.

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Swell Maps / Archive Recordings Volume 1: Wastrels And Whippersnappers (Vinyl LP)

Swell Maps / Archive Recordings Volume 1: Wastrels And Whippersnappers

(Vinyl LP – Munster Records)

All tracks recorded at various garages, bedrooms and lounges in Solihull and Dorridge, West Midlands, between 1974-1977.

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Von Lmo / Be Yourself b/w Cosmic Interception (7″ Vinyl)

Von Lmo / Be Yourself b/w Cosmic Interception

(7″ Vinyl – Munster Records)

Advanced release from the long awaited “Tranceformer” anthology that compiles all the best moments by this madcap genius from NYC. B-side contains a previously unreleased gem that can only be found on this 7″. Sci-fi avant-garde music from futuristic punk pioneer, Von Lmo.

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Von Lmo / Tranceformer: Future Language 2.001 (CD)

Von Lmo / Tranceformer: Future Language 2.001

(CD – Munster Records)

Sci-Fi avant-garde by futuristic punk pioneer. Much before DEVO, and while the first man was landing on the moon, this astonishing character who addressed himself as VON LMO was already experimenting with the drums and synthethizers, way ahead of his time! Munster Records re-issues a CD containing part of his work performed in 1981.

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