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Don Cherry / Brown Rice (Vinyl LP)

Don Cherry / Brown Rice

(Vinyl LP – A&M Records)

Out of print in the U.S. for more than four decades, Don Cherry‘s meditative, inventive outsider jazz classic, Brown Rice, is available on vinyl once again as of today via Verve/Universal Music. The album is pressed on standard weight black vinyl and housed in a replica sleeve with original liner notes from acclaimed jazz critic Stanley Crouchuite reach this level of wild invention again. Brown Rice contains the apogee of Cherry’s influences: African, Indian, Arabic and American music are all thrown into the same psychedelic stew. This inventive combinative MO was a resting state for Cherry.
As Stanley Crouch begins his liner notes: “There is joy laced with confidence in this music, and sadness, or pathos, that is as much connected to the Blues as it is to the huge yearning of that sound in Eastern music.” The result is a wonderful entryway into the work of Cherry — whose revolutionary approach looms large in the jazz world.

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