Agitation Free / At The Cliffs Of River Rhine (CD)


Includes 32-page booklet

Label: Garden Of Delights

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1998 first official pressing / includes 32-page booklet with notes in German and English.


Format: CD

#Ref: CD-028

Release date: 1998

Release notes

“On 2/2/74, Agitation Free performed a good gig at the WDR radio station in Cologne which was broadcast live, featuring the old line up (Ulbrich, Lütjens, Günther, Hoenig & Rausch). It was released as a bootleg LP under the title At Last…Is Alive (Pupil Tulip 1) in 1995, but is shamefully bad in recording quality. In addition, the titles of the songs are false and their chronological order reversed. It just goes to show that a collector should keep away from such illegal trash and better wait patiently for the authorized releases. This CD on hand now presents a flawless recording of the gig, remastered at Michael Hoenig’s studio.” Rather ecstatic flowing jams from this legendary band. A full 20 years before the full-blown development of Heroin House, these guys were obviously tied into something quite, um, good. And if you’ve already devoured Malesch, 2nd and Last, you’re ready for it.

Lineup : Lutz Ulbrich (g), Gustav Lütjens (g), Michael Günther (b), Michael Hoenig (key), Burghard Rausch (dr)


1 Through The Moods 13:28 / 2 First Communication 8:56 / 3 Dialogue & Random 0:57 / 4 Laila 10:03 / 5 In The Silence Of The Morning Sunrise 4:41

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