Agitation Free / At The Cliffs Of River Rhine (CD)


Includes 32-page booklet

Label: Garden Of Delights

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1998 first official pressing / includes 32-page booklet with notes in German and English.


Format: CD

#Ref: CD-028

Release date: 1998

Release notes

Agitation Free from Berlin are well-known thanks to their albums ‘Malesch’ (1972), ‘Second’ (1973) and ‘Last’ (1976). The band produced such famous musicians as Christopher Franke, who went to Tangerine Dream, and Axel Genrich, who was to join Guru Guru. They were living and rehearsing in the by now legendary Commune 1, at that time also the home of Dieter Kunzelmann, Fritz Teufel, Rainer Langhans and Uschi Obermaier, prominent figures of the APO, a radical left-wing movement in the late sixties. For the CD ‘At the cliffs of river Rhine’ (incl. 32-page booklet), a gig recorded in expert quality on 2 / 2 / 1974 in Cologne was chosen. It had already been released before on the illegal (and in bad recording quality) LP called ’At last…is alive’.

Lineup : Lutz Ulbrich (g), Gustav Lütjens (g), Michael Günther (b), Michael Hoenig (key), Burghard Rausch (dr)


1 Through The Moods 13:28 / 2 First Communication 8:56 / 3 Dialogue & Random 0:57 / 4 Laila 10:03 / 5 In The Silence Of The Morning Sunrise 4:41

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