Albert Ayler / Bells (Tape)


Limited edition

Officially licensed from ESP-DISK’ 2019

Label: Personal Affair

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2019 reissue – Limited edition / Ferric tape (normal) with Dolby

ESP-Disk’ Cassette Collection – Officially licensed from ESP-DISK’ 2019

Recorded live at Town Hall, New York City, May 1, 1965


Format: Cassette Tape

#Ref: PAESP-011

Release date: 2019

Release notes

“Bells” is the celebrated set that overjoyed the audience at New York’s Town Hall on May 1st, 1965. It’s a ferocious, twenty-minute romp containing excellent group improvisation and Ayler’s signature military-themed melodies. The performance marks an important shift in Albert’s music: towards blurring the lines between composition and improvisation. It is also the debut recording of Charles Tyler.


Side A: Bells (19:45) Side B: Bells (19:45)

*Same material on both side

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