Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come / Galactic Zoo Dossier (Vinyl LP)


Fold-out cover with additional large poster

Label: Swordfish

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Reissue-limited edition / Remastered / Released in a fold-out cover with additional large poster.


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: SWFLP31

Release date: 2016

Release notes

Swordfish proudly continues its reissue programme of vintage Arthur Brown recordings with Kingdom Come’s classic 1971 debut. A stunning fusion featuring elements of psychedelia, prog and electronics. Whilst not a major commercial success at the time in terms of pioneering spirit it has become something of a landmark. Now some 45 years later the driving forces behind it are far clearer-a remarkable visionary work full of genuine progressive portent.

Officially licenced, fully remastered and presented with the original gatefold sleeve artwork. As an added bonus a reproduction of the rare 2 sided poster that was only with the initial run of copies is included.


A1 Internal Messenger / A2 Space Plucks / A3 Galactic Zoo / A4 Metal Monster / A5 Simple Man / A6 Night Of The Pigs / A7 Sunrise

B1 Trouble / B2 Brains / B3a Galactic Zoo (Continued) / B3b Space Plucks (Continued) / B3c Galactic Zoo (Continued) / B4 Creep / B5 Creation / B6 Gypsy Escape / B7 No Time

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