Writing On The Wall / The Power Of The Picts (Vinyl LP + 12″ single-sided)



Housed in metallic silver sleeve which replicates the original

Label: Acme

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Power Of The Picts LP + 12″ single-sided reissue / 180gr


Format: Vinyl LP + 12″ single-sided

#Ref: ADLP 1091

Release date: 2014

Release notes

Official definitive 180 gram LP reissue of this top of the league UK heavy progressive rarity. Comes with an additional bonus 12″ disc containing their rare single tracks ‘Child on A Crossing’ and ‘Lucifer Corpus’—and for the first time on vinyl, the full length version of the mighty ‘Buffalo,’ plus the demo version too.

Scottish heavy rock band Writing On The Wall made it big on the underground rock scene in the late 1960’s. They regularly played the Middle Earth club, went on tour with the likes of Ten Years After, held a lengthy residency at the Marquee where they were supported by up-and-coming acts like Wishbone Ash. Writing On The Wall’s stage show featured choreographed fights, with the band dressed up as a caveman, a high priest, a monk and a witchfinder, and the destruction of a bubble car. Wow! Melody Maker felt sufficiently disturbed to comment that the band had ‘the reputation of being violent to frightening extremes.’ However John Peel was suitably impressed and the band recorded two Top Gear sessions for Radio 1.

The Middle Earth club launched a label with this maniacal rock band as lead off act, releasing a single and this LP in 1969. The band continued to record demos but a second LP deal failed to materialize. Live work continued to impress and in 1972 they were invited to play in Brazil at the Rio Song Festival, which they did in front of a 60,000 strong live audience and millions of South American TV viewers. Enough was earned to fund the recording of the band’s most fully realized creation, the song ‘Buffalo,’ managing at turns to be both menacing and elegiac. A severely truncated version was released as a single by PYE in 1973.

Housed in metallic silver sleeve which replicates the original.


A1.It Came On A Sunday A2.Mrs. Cooper’s Pie A3.Ladybird A4.Aries

B1,Bogeyman B2.Shadow Of Man B3.Taskers Successor B4.Hill Of Dreams B5.Virginia Waters

C1.Buffalo C2.Child On A Crossing C3.Lucifer Corpus C4.Buffalo (Demo Version)

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