Bent Wind / Sussex (Vinyl LP)


Limited edition of 500 copies

Comes with detailed liners inside

Label: Ugly Pop

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Limited edition of 500 copies / comes with detailed liners inside

New 2018 remaster


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: UP-045

Release date: 2018

Release notes

The Holy Grail of Canadian rock, this raw, murky slab of heavy psych was released by local indie label Trend in autumn 1969 and immediately sank without a trace. Over the decades, however, obsessive fans and collectors of the era’s unsung greats gradually came to recognise the obscure Toronto band’s genius, the now impossible-to-find original LP eventually trading hands for $5000+ plus in the rare vinyl market. A volcanic dose of intense fuzz guitar, the perfect complement to the band’s sloppy garage ambience, and chugging beat; a strange case here, as the music on “Sussex” is often overshadowed by the album’s reputation as a one of the rarest collectible LPs in the world—a pity, as the music is as psychedelic as they come, a veritable fuzz guitar inferno!

After years of bootlegs, compact discs and pricey European pressings, this mythical Canadian LP is finally available at home again. Fully authorised high quality pressing licensed direct from Marty Roth.


A1. Touch Of Red A2. Riverside A3. The Lions A4. Going To The City

B1. Hate B2. Look At Love B3. Mistify B4. Sacred Cows

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