Evil / From A curbstone b/w Short Life (7″ Vinyl)


Yellow vinyl

Single/45rpm – Ltd to 600 copies

Label: Florida Archive Recordings

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45rpm / Remastered – 2nd pressing / Limited edition of 600 copies. Most copies have a sticker on front – yellow vinyl

Professionally remastered 2nd pressing of 600 copies on yellow vinyl. Soundquality of this version is much superior to the black vinyl pressing!


Format: 7″ Vinyl

#Ref: F.A.R. 6601

Release date: 2012

Release notes

Absolutely MONSTER previously unreleased ’66 Miami, Florida Punk doubledecker by the legendary “Whatcha Gonna Do About It / Always Runnin’ Around” crew!

One of the by far BEST unreleased U.S. 60s records is finally available for the very first time ever as a limited 45 rpm thanks to Norvegian top 60s collector Tage Weie, who has been cool enough to get in touch with the bandleader John Doyle! It was also Tage who had been convincing John Doyle that the two songs should finally be released. Something that we all should be glad about, because the two songs easily rate amongst the finest from the 60s!

Previously unreleased 1966 Miami, Florida garage punk – the real thing! These two songs, ‘From A Curbstone’ and ‘Short Life’ were recorded in 1966 and soon after, the demo acetates went missing. Our bass player’s mother found them a while back in a hat box and after 46 years, this is the first public offering. If you liked our ‘Whatcha Gonna Do About It’ cover of the Small Faces classic, I think you’ll love this. ‘Curbstone’ was written as my response to being dumped by my first girlfriend and finally I get my revenge. Both sides would have perfectly fit onto the highly acclaimed Back From The Grave series. Great liner notes by Jeff Lemlich, Florida’s legendary rock historian on the stylish flip-back cover. This is the first time the band has had control of a release and it feels good. Be the first on your block to own this little gem. (John Doyle, leadsinger of Evil).


A. From A Curbstone 2:05 / B. Short Life 2:20

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