Evil / I’m Movin’ On b/w I Know I’ll Die (7″ Vinyl)


Includes liner notes

Single/45rpm – Ltd to 600 copies

Label: Florida Archive Recordings

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45rpm / Limited edition of 600 copies / Comes with liner notes by noted Florida ’60s music expert Jeff Lemlich!

First official release of their 2nd MONSTER unreleased ’66 acetate as a vinyl 45!

The cover and label artwork were done by the very famous Canadian artist Darren Merinuk.


Format: 7″ Vinyl

#Ref: F.A.R. LS6602

Release date: 2013

Release notes

After listening to I’m Movin’ On I’ve finally realized that the band was rightfully called EVIL! I’m Movin’ On is a super wild but still perfectly played 60s punk raver from the top that builds up into perhaps the most sonic, savage, screaming punk climax ever put to wax! Real dynamite stuff, but probably much too wild for most labels to release back in the 60s!

“One of the wildest, most all-out garage punkers ever, paired with one of the brutally honest tear-your-heart-out moody garage ballads” (Jeff Lemlich)

Ltd. to 600 copies only!

Dedicated to the memory of John Doyle, who sadly passed away during the production of this 45.


A. I’m Movin’ On 2:48 / B. I Know I’ll Die 2:38

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