GR & Full-Blown Expansion (Vinyl LP | Digital)


Ltd to 300 copies (White-coloured)

Label: Opaque Dynamo


Limited to 300 copies

Format: Vinyl LP (White-colored)

#Ref: ldbdp05gr03

Release date: 2008

Release notes

One man All-Made Record-Excavator into the deep limbo of egoXploitation—Features 43 min. of decadent loco self-conduct & mystifying woodoo’lectric playing, directly dropped down from the sole complexion of individual force as a plural human’s sonic concoction, the alone-lineup that never existed but in the incarnation of one : Full-Blown Expansion. Get into Gunslingers‘ founding member’s alchemy — supreme wild stuff of weird, abstract & deviationist multi-instrumental solo performs, improvised & composed and elevated separately on each instrument & track by GR (mostly in one take).

Careful with that « Descent along the an-ti-fohn-nul »‘s 13 min. of extensionist drumming and seminal acid stoned guitars & wah-vocals driving that leads to the great infernal Boogie accident— Vs the regular alternation (in rhythm & guitar color tone) of the fuzzy oniric « Transfiguration on a sepiachord »— Vs the wizardesque inspiration of « The metal spike », GR’s one very archetypal & representative of the instant composition process & the superposition of orchestral muses. And careful again with that explosive insane unmethodic « The intercessor speaks », some ultra-shouting wave’s traumatic 7 min. towards the abyssal fluxus of koZmic Rock—Vs « The scene/slowly’s getting louder »’s ritual rotative-leslie & expansive wah noise guitars coming with special voice box— Vs « all stoned day long they take you » ‘s impossible alinear & asymmetric instrumental superposition (includ. Transcendantal background organ) backing up immaculate spoken poetry— Vs the enigmatic analog keys & clair-obscure of « Blind Black or pearly white ». — Bliss !


(Side A) I. Descent Along The An-Ti-Fohn-Nul II. Transfiguration On A Sepiachord III. The Metal Spike

(Side B) I. The Intercessor Speaks II. The Scene (Slowly’s Getting Louder) III. All Stoned Day Long They Take You IV. Blind Black Or Pearly White


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