GR / Propel Tension On Polyester Base (Tapes Archives – Vinyl LP | Digital)


Ltd to 300 copies

Printed on uncoated reversed paper

Label: Opaque Dynamo


Limited to 300 copies

Format: Vinyl LP

(Printed on uncoated reversed paper)

#Ref: Opadyn01-gr01

Release date: 2016

Release notes

” Give my nerves a little workout, my flesh sonic uppers ; I wanna sound like a busy signal, by day & night fillin’ in the blanks. “ (from Vertical take-Off, part 1)

GR’s Propel Tension On Polyester Base is a decisive effort in tape recording, 13 private tracks taken from the archives of an adventurous mind and forming a mysterious sound diary, a core part in the evolution of GR’s style and a secretive work in progress highlighting an incessant appetite for putting a tentacular vision onto the recordable surface at hand. Among the tracks presented here _ which were taped between 2008/2016 _ some are achieved in one blow with evident fulgurance, while some others are initiated early and completed years later in different spaces, non-similar phases, bringing to the sound textures some unfathomable provenance ; the material is relentlessly tracked down by following the natural path of self-autonomy over space & time.

” The featured material was taped non-uniformally, various analog recorders and spaces were used over a period of private stimulation. “ (GR mentions on the back cover)

The spectrum of styles & processes approached and developed by GR on those recordings is ultimately wide. Free construct open rhythm, hear the dead snare at your heels, freer rock, hard kicking grooves & serpentine pulse shall scare the hell out of ultra moving asses in the rush, saturation, dangerous proto-punk, the most menacing monster-fuzz downtown, cosmic elektronische & psycho tape looping, abstract instrumentals, fingerpicking to the decadent, possessed vocals and wicked street-punk delivery, non-chordal guitar excess, reel to reel manipulations, a mastery of fixed sounds through the written & unwritten… — Propel tension on polyester base, tapes archives.


A1. Perforation A2. Vertical Take-Off (Part 1) A3. A Flickered View Negative A4. Violet Piss In Snobbish Eardrums A5. Ritual To The Decadent

B1. Vertical Take-Off (Part 2) B2. Altostratus B3. Forward Signal B4. Propel Tension On Polyester Base B5. Shock Degrees B6. Down The Hidden Shade B7. Backward Signal B8. Quarter Inch Creaks

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