The GR Record Head (Vinyl LP | Digital)


(White-colored / with insert )

Ltd to 300 copies

Label: Opaque Dynamo / Cardinal Fuzz


Coproduced by Opaque Dynamo & Cardinal Fuzz — Limited to 300 copies

Format: Vinyl LP (White-colored)

(Printed on 300gr uncoated reversed card sleeve / Large spine) — Comes with lyrics insert sheet

#Ref: Opadyn04gr02/Cful0160

Release date: 2020

Release notes

No-bullshit underground free-rock and proto-punk dosage featuring a multi-piece line up of GRs !

This acetate slab of defiant mixture makes the magic happens like an hallucinatory disenchantment incorporated into some ultra vindictive power… Infectious, scary, brutal, elegiac, freakish and wickedly stylish, GR’s fifth solo album The GR Record Head pushes the boundaries straight up to cook your synapses.

Once again, the album comes out outside of the standards, with no other backing than GR himself on all instruments plugged into overheated tubes, then a few dusty razor-like moving coil transducers, a mixing board built like a Panzer and an analog 4 track reel to reel recorder from another age.

GuitaRazing, frenzied riffing and cranked soloing vagabondage on corroded strings, mesmeric tone, acid rave ups, rhythms like catapults, motorik plus deconstructive free forms, opaque vocals full of venom and fuelled by raw lines & metrics…— Now pair all that with the craft of fixing sounds onto an early 80s’ 1/4 inch reel tape and you got an idea of what The GR Record Head is all about.

The Mother of all fuckers in actual D.I.Y/Low-Fi Rock’n’roll.

Limited edition of 300 white-colored vinyls / comes with Lyrics insert sheet / printed on 300gr uncoated reversed card sleeve.


(Side A). 1. Fred Hampton (3:59) 2. My Returning Sound (8:07) 3. Howlin’ Triangle (3:31) 4. Spray Of Punitive Fumes (4:37)

(Side B). 1. Mind Rotation (4:56) 2. Run & Slide (5:27) 3. Ripples Thru The Beam (4:19) 4. Unmade To Measure (2:57) 5. I Owe You Nothing (But The Spirit Of The Protest) (2:51)

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