Guilty Razors / Guilty! (CD Digipack + CD Single)


CD Digipack / Remastered – Compilation

Includes 16-page booklet

+ CD Single offered !

Label: Seventeen Records

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Note: When you order this CD you get a free additional 3-track CD (STE 002), the CD-version of Guilty Razors’ I don’t wanna be a rich 7″ from 1978, which came out on Polydor. You lucky PUNKS !

CD Digipack / Remastered – Compilation

Includes 16-page booklet

This CD includes the 3 tracks from their collector EP 7″ issued in 1978 + demo & live tracks recorded in 1978.
Recorded and mixed in 1978 in France and Spain
To the record companies who never issued this L.P: “Vete a tomar por culo”.


Format: CD

#Ref: ST005 (+ STE 002)

Release date: 2006

Release notes

Fantastic CD digipack edition of French Punk unreleased album recorded in 1978 and never issued. Includes 16-pg booklet with liner notes by the bass player J. Perez. Remastered from original master tapes. Guilty Razors were featured on KBD #7.

The band was discovered by the only other french anarchist punk band Metal Urbain, and shared most of their gigs with them.

Boyfriends of female punk band The Slits, this ultimate french cult punk band were signed to Polydor, and recorded “I don’t wanna be a rich”, an ultra-violent, Stooges on amphetamines like 3 tracks vinyl EP, which was pressed, but never distributed. At the eleventh hour, Polydor got cold feet, because of the violent content, and the band bad behavior. They withdrew the EP from distribution, and pulped all the pressing. Only a few copies sent to journalists for reviews survived, and became instant collector’s item.

They disbanded shortly after, not getting anyone else interested in signing them due to their extreme stance, but not before recording nearly all their repertoire, and remixing the single for inclusion in a never to be forthcoming album, in studios in both France and Spain. The album is released for the first time ever on the Seventeen label.


1 Hurts And Noises 1:42
2 Wake Up 1:55
3 I Don’t Wanna Be A Rich 2:34
4 Terrorist Bad Heart 3:28
5 Provocate 2:18
6 Lucifer Sam 3:22
7 Guilty! 2:44
8 Happy!? 2:32
9 I Feel Down 2:59
10 So Lazy 3:05
11 Stupido 3:19
76 My Degeneration – Live 2:16
77 Son Of A Gun – Live 2:35

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