Metal Urbain / Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux (CD)


CD / Reissue – Compilation

Ltd Edition / Cardboard sleeve

Label: Seventeen Records

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CD / Reissue – Compilation

Ltd Edition / Cardboard sleeve


Format: CD

#Ref: STE 001

Release date: 2006

Release notes

The sound. The clothes. The infernal rythm-box. The furious guitars. The screaming synths. The extremist lyrics. They had it all. They first appeared in 1976, and flew through the dark skies of french Rock N Roll like a meteor, demolishing everything in their way. Never in the history of french rock’n’roll has there been a band as phenomenal and visionary as Metal Urbain. First band on Rough Trade label. Think Suicide teaming up with the Stooges, at the crossroads of Kraftwerk and Gene Vincent.

Métal Urbain, in case you missed it, were one of the very first Punk groups to come out of France; many say THE first, but as was the case with Punk, lots of people said they were the first – perhaps it was just the organic nature of the thing.

In any event, Métal Urbain formed in Paris in 1976. They relied on heavily distorted guitars and replaced the traditional rock rhythm section of bass guitar/drums with a synthesizer and drum machine, a then-unique approach that foreshadowed the experimental possibilities that were explored by later post-hardcore bands such as Big Black. They were also known for their radical image (the color scheme of albums always being a stark black, white and red), and subversive lyrics sung in French.

They were met with some enthusiasm in the United Kingdom, particularly by John Peel and the Rough Trade label. (Métal Urbain’s single “Paris Maquis” was Rough Trade’s first release.). In 1977, their first single “Panik” was named “Single of the week” by the New Musical Express. They had an enthusiastic but small audience in France, receiving little exposure. The punk rock scene was not as popular in France as it was in the UK, and they didn’t hold much interest for the French media as British bands like the Sex Pistols did. As a result, singer Clode Panik left in December 1978, though the band continued to gig and record with Eric Debris on vocals, and also recording with spin-off bands Metal Boys, and Doctor Mix and the Remix, until 1980, when guitar players brothers Schwartz and Lüger left to form the short-lived band Desperados.

Métal Urbain had focused their efforts on singles, and only produced one album, Les hommes morts sont dangereux, during their first period of activity.


1. Hystérie Connective
2. Ghetto
3. Clé de Contact
4. Lady Coca Cola
5. Panik
6. Futurama
7. Snuff Movie
8. Numéro Zéro
9. Paris Maquis
10. Pop Poubelle
11. 50/50
12. Ultra Violence
13. Anarchie au Palace
14. E 202
15. Crève Salope
16. Hystérie Connective (Mix 2)
17. Atlantis

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