Hitler SS / Tampax – Hitler SS / Tampax (7″ Vinyl)


7″ Vinyl / Reissue – Ltd edition

Split / 33 ⅓ rpm

Label: Compact Cassette Records

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7″ Vinyl / Reissue – Ltd edition

Split / 33 ⅓ rpm

Tampax: recorded in AVF Studio, Nimis. from 5,30pm to 5,45pm (30 December 1978)


Format: 7″ Vinyl

#Ref: NW77

Release date: N/A

Release notes

Repress of this seminal 7″. Recorded in 15 minutes in 1978 the tampax / hitler ss split remains the pinnacle of shit-fi kbd punk. Retarded guitar sound, snotty vocals and a don’t-give-a-fukkk attitude unmatched to this day. A must have for any bad musik fan.

Hitler SS was an Italian teenage punk band from Pordenone active between 1978 and 1979. The first members were Miss Xox on guitar and vocals, and Plastic Girl on drums. They were later joined by Sid Delicious on bass, Paris on guitar, and Johnny Bee Good on keyboards. In 1978, under the name ‘Hit SS’, they played at ‘Sabatok Folle’ punk fest in Milan.”

Tampax was an Italian prime-mover punk band formed in 1978 in Pordenone by Ado and Willy Gibson, originally as BumPamBingTilt, changed to Tampax in Summer. They released the very first Italian punk 7″ single, a split with their fellows Hitler SS, and were also among the founders of The Great Complotto, an independent record label and countercultural organization.
Broke up in the Autumn 1979, back from London where they moved in August together with Hitler SS and where both bands played the 1st September the famous ‘Cartoon Concert’ under the Aklam bridge in Portobello Road.


A1 Hitler SS – Slave
A2 Hitler SS – Naked
A3 Hitler SS – Somebody Says The Punk Is Dead / No Solution
B1 Tampax – UFO Dictator
B2 Tampax – Tampax (In The Cunt)

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