Peanut Rubble – Broken Man / Willow Tree / Just A Dream (7″ Vinyl)


Single / 45 RPM


Label: Yunque Records

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Single / 45 RPM

Remastered – Includes insert with the story of the band


Format: 7″ Vinyl

#Ref: YR-003

Release date: 2022

Release notes

Peanut Rubble was a power trio from Buckinghamshire, a rural area a few miles northwest of London. This Radio Luxembourg Studios recordings were made back in 1968, being an early sample of british heavy music one year before Led Zeppelin released their first album.
They used to play in college/university circuit, airbases and youth clubs with 100w Marshall stacks, being too loud for some of those clubs. They supported bands such as Status Quo, The Pretty Things, Arthur Brown or Pink Floyd.
The single contains three remastered songs of pure loud heavy blues, with a smooth drum playing and a thick fuzzy sound, being now released for the first time. It includes an insert with the story of the band.


A. Willow Tree (2:49)

B1. Broken Man (2:13)

B2. Just A Dream (2:44)

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