Pere Ubu / The Modern Dance (Vinyl LP)



Label: Fire Records

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Reissue – remastered from the original 2-track analogue mix tapes.

Recorded at Suma, Nov. 1977.


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: FIRELP-360

Release date: 2018

Release notes

The Modern Dance‘ is the first studio release from Pere Ubu set for reissue on Fire Records in August, 2015. Following their self-released first singles on Hearpen Records, the uncompromising complex debut has continuously stirred critics. Today the record is still as direct and powerful as it was first heard.

Exploding onto the scene with a handful of releases behind them, Pere Ubu‘s ‘The Modern Dance’ stunned the music world and quickly began appearing on “Most Influential” album lists.

Pere Ubu originally formed as a studio project drawing on a body of musicians who were involved in the Cleveland underground music scene that had, by August 1975, seemingly run its course. The main objective of the band at that time was to document their work and then disappear. Luckily for us they were on the cusp of changing the face of rock forever.

For this reworking, Paul Hamann at Suma has transferred from the original 2-track analogue mix tapes to digital at the highest resolution available which, is at least four times the resolution of the original. The tracks have carefully been re-mastered by sonic architect Brian Pyle so as to capture the unique qualities within.


A. 1. Non-alignment Pact / 2. The Modern Dance / 3. Laughing / 4. Street Waves / 5. Chinese Radiation
B. 1. Life Stinks / 2. Real World / 3. Over My Head / 4. Sentimental Journey / 5. Humor Me

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