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The Groundhogs / Split (CD)

The Groundhogs / Split

(CD – Fire Records)

The second of three ground breaking albums by the ultimate power trio who morphed blues into hard rock and spawned punk. “Both musically and lyrically, ’split’ speaks for a lost time, a nomad time when ideals took to the hoof and musicians stayed on the road rather than confront the fact that the ’60s ‘war’ had been lost.” Remastered and packaged with bonus tracks of out-takes from the original sessions that spawned this spontaneous monster.

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Pere Ubu / Dub Housing (Vinyl LP)

Pere Ubu / Dub Housing

(Vinyl LP – Fire Records)

Pere Ubu reissue their second album ‘Dub Housing’ on Fire Records. Originally released in 1978, the same year as their debut ‘The Modern Dance’, Pere Ubu continue to tear up the rule book, chew it up and spit it out with glorious splendour.

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Pere Ubu / The Modern Dance (Vinyl LP)

Pere Ubu / The Modern Dance

(Vinyl LP – Fire Records)

‘The Modern Dance‘ is the first studio release from Pere Ubu set for reissue on Fire Records in August, 2015. Following their self-released first singles on Hearpen Records, the uncompromising complex debut has continuously stirred critics. Today the record is still as direct and powerful as it was first heard. Exploding onto the scene with a handful of releases behind them, Pere Ubu‘s ‘The Modern Dance’ stunned the music world and quickly began appearing on “Most Influential” album lists.

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