The Dogs / Teen Slime (Vinyl LP)


LP-Reissue / Compilation

Label: Rave Up Records

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2020 black vinyl reissue / Compilation


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: RUR4

Release date: 2020

Release notes

A real punk masterpiece! Finally available again on vinyl the complete collection of these Iowa monsters, including their rare and great single released in 1979 + studio songs recorded in the same period. Liner notes written by lead guitarist Jody Koenig.
” Forgotten ’70s heroes the DOGS from Iowa played raw and primal guitar rock, minus much of the pretension that was so commonly paired with popular music of the era. Instead they opted for unapologetic expression with a beautiful “fuck you” feel. I guess it’s hard to be pretentious when you’re wailing and shrieking like a wounded animal over a decent percentage of the music, and the singer here has no shame in his vocal freak-out game. Riffs are dirty and direct, the themes are of youthful confusion and reflection, and their STOOGES influence is evident as soon as you look at the album’s cover. The songs sometimes take up a shamanic vibe, as in the bluesy “Man Is Not An Animal”, and at other times it sounds like every member of the band is doing whatever the hell they want with surprisingly rockin’ results (see: “Freakin’ on the Streets”). In other words, this is proto-punk gold, and this collection features the band’s 1977 double A-side “Rot n’ Roll / Teen Slime” single, as well as five earlier songs dating back as far as 1973. ”  _ Maximumrocknroll


A1 Teen Slime

A2 X-Ray Me, Baby

A3 When A Young Man

B1 Rot’n’Roll

B2 Man Is Not An Animal

B3 Horror House Blues

B4 Freakin’ On The Street

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