Vox Pop / More Drugs Than Elvis (Live KPFK Radio 1980) (Vinyl LP)


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Format: Vinyl LP

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Release date: Unknown

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Feat. Don Bolles (Germs), Paul B. Cuttler (Dream Syndicate), Dinah Cancer & Del Hopkins (45 Grave), Jeff Dahl (Angry Samoans), Mike Ochoa (Nervous Gender)

Jeff Doll [Dahl – sic] the guy with the big red afro called up Don one day looking for a girl, he and Don talked and found they both liked Blue Cheer, so Jeff brought some live tapes over to Don but they ended up in the studio making noise. Jeff needed a band to play his songs and he already had a gig booked at Kings Palace. So they came up with a total meaningless name – Vox Pop. Paul was in it cause he was there, Dinah joined later cause she had always sung – “occasionally unis [? – editor] on vocals”, Mike Ochoa joined cause “he was a weird guy with a synthesizer” and Del because they needed a drummer. Everyone wanted to play lead guitar. They ended up playing about 7 times and some guy liked them enough to put out their single on Bad Trip Records. At one show Mugger from H.B. [? – is this Mugger from Nig Heist – editor] got up on stage and sang “Fuck me in the wenny” to the tune of “Louie, Louie” and Vox Pop got another song… (Flipside, 1980)

Don Bolles: Vox Pop was a big band in that there were like seven people in it, and one of them was kinda fat. So it was big that way, but really we couldn’t pay people to go to our shows. People did not wanna go see someone being like Flipper-meets-Runaways-and-Faust.

Nicole Panter (Germs Manager): Don Bolles wore dresses and make-up [in Vox Pop]. And Darby [Crash] was mortified: He’d get on Don’s case, “People are gonna make fun of us if they see you like that.” Darby was not an ironist. He was too deep in his own shit to see irony.

Jeff MacDonald (Redd Kross): I thought Vox Pop was fantastic! They weren’t a “joke” to me — at the time they were one of the only decent bands in town. I saw some incredible Vox Pop shows — twice when I saw them Paul Cutler was nude. It was total rock and roll! [ Lexicon Devil, The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash]

Bolles, when traveling from Arizona to audition for Germs’ drum chair after hearing their first 45, told the band he could tell they were into Faust and krautrock, a statement that solicited blank stares from the band. LIVE 1980 contains not one but two Faust covers done in the fashion of a teen garage band after sneaking a few beers and random pulls from mom’s purse. Was your band covering Faust in 1980? Don’t bother to answer.
Pick this up. John Morton would. All its missing is cover art by him. (BRAD KOHLER)




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