Cosmic Circus Music / Wiesbaden 1973 (CD)


Includes 32-page booklet

Label: Garden Of Delights

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2013 First & only pressing / comes with 32-page booklet


Format: CD

#Ref: CD-168

Release date: 2013

Release notes

Cosmic Circus Music from Goettingen played some extremely long spacey improvisations in the manner of the early Ash Ra Tempel. Despite never releasing anything officially, Cosmic Circus Music were a truly great krautrock band, arguably up there with the masters. (Though I do wish they had called themselves Kosmische Zirkus Musik for added gravitas.) The band’s misfortune, relatively speaking, was that they were three years behind the times. CCM’s lysergic soundscapes, which are closest in style to side-two Ash Ra Tempel, would have fit right in with the West German scene of 1970. But by 1973, only Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser and his Starmaiden were still pushing these types of archaic free-form jams via their Cosmic Jokers, and krautrock as a whole was settling down into a more structured format. Thankfully, such an anachronism is meaningless today and fans can enjoy the music unencumbered by historical contingency.


1 Sternenmaskerade, Teil 1 – 37:34
2 Sternenmaskerade, Teil 2 – 44:24

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