Gunslingers / Live At The Butcher Shoppe (Boston, April 7th 2010) (Digital)


Digital only release – Official Bootleg

This pack includes .wav files + High res. front & back covers

Label: Opaque Dynamo

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Digital only release — Burn .wav files onto CD-R, print high resolution front & back covers and you’re done with your customized official bootleg !

Recorded in Boston (USA), 2010


Format: Digital

#Ref: OD-BOOT02

Release date: 2021

Release notes

Opaque Dynamo launches the « Bootlegs Series » collection with the releases of 2 frantic & orgiastic Gunslingers’ Live shows captured during their second US tour in 2010 : Live At Couch Heaven (Richmond, March 13th 2010) and Live At The Butcher Shoppe (Boston, April 7th 2010).

Both shows were initially filmed by Sarah Reed, then unearthed recently from Opaque Dynamo’s secret cabinet for video editing and sound extraction purpose. It then resulted that both concerts surfaced in both formats, the sound recording being directly taken from the video capture.

With an insane combination of Proto-punk, Garage, Psych Rock, Link Wray-ism and Sister Ray-ism, Free Rock, No Wave, Space Rock and Avant Rock, Gunslingers’ approach has encompassed as many aspects of the whole Rock Music genealogy as there are reasons to rightfully label the band’s style totally unique and totally its own thing. The synthesis they could release sound like a wild starved beast howling about being deprived of light for decades. These 2010’s live shows in Boston & Richmond make no exception and provide further evidence of Gunslingers’ feral power. The subtle frenzy, the magic of the luminous tone inherent in this music acted as a magnetizing talisman.

The band split up in 2012, after 7 years of existence pushing boundaries for the sake of tomorrow’s shape of Rock to come.

GR : Guitar, Vocals / Antoine Hadjioannou : Drums / Matthieu Canaguier : Bass

Set List  : 1. King Yaya’ s Forty Guns 2. Stub Of Fortune 3. Into The Garage 4. An Eye For A Knife 5. Condor’s Radiant Spawn 6. Lighter Slinger Festival

* Warning : Sound recording directly taken from Sarah Reed’s video capture. Subliminal sound variations may occur on camera moves.

** Digital only release. — Burn .wav files onto CD-R, print high resolution front & back covers and you’re done with your customized official bootleg !

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