Guru Guru / Essen 1970 (CD)


Includes 36-page colour booklet

Label: Garden Of Delights

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2002 first & only cd pressing to date – comes with 36-page colour booklet


Live Grugahalle 25.10.1970,
3. Essener Pop- & Blues-Festival

Format: CD

#Ref: CD-075

Release date: 2002

Release notes

The 3rd Essen Pop & Blues Festival took place in the Gruga Hall between 22 and 25 October 1970, featuring bands such as Guru Guru, Xhol, Embryo, Fotheringhay, East of Eden, Q 65, Gun, Quiver and Taste. Roland Verheyen, a staff member of promoter Konrad Mallison, recorded the entire festival directly from the soundboard. About a half of the tapes had meanwhile been used for other recordings, but a large part of the original recordings has survived. Garden of Delights has acquired the rights to these tapes. A lot of studio processing without any noticeable changes in the sound had become necessary to make the Guru Guru gig suitable for release. The 36-page colour booklet contains everything a collector might be looking for: a detailed history of early Guru Guru, an 11-page discography, reprints of covers and partly unpublished band photos.

Lineup : Ax Genrich, Mani Neumeier & Uli Trepte


1 Stone In 12:00 / 2 Der LSD-Marsch 14:22 / 3 Bo Diddley 11:27

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