Mij / Yodeling Astrologer (aka: Color By The Number – Vinyl LP)

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Reissue / Ltd edition – Remastered

Label: Jackpot Records

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LP / Reissue – Remastered

Recorded in 3 hrs., Jan. 12, 1969

• Remastered from the original master tapes; • First ever reissue since original pressing in 1969; • Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing. • Audiophile vinyl press at RTI. • Sturdy old-style tip on jacket. 


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: JPR 7105

Release date: 2009

Release notes

“Yodeling Astrologer” (aka: Color By The Number) could be considered an anomaly, a one-off or a miracle of circumstance in the history of psychedelic pop music. Mij, a.k.a. Jim Holmberg was discovered by ESP owners while playing in Washington Square Park in the summer of 1968. His style and persona mesmerized the label heads, and he explained to them a recent auto accident had fractured his skull but left him changed. He perceived sound, color and vision differently and he had funneled this new world of perception directly into his music. All this was enough to warrant getting Mij into the studio to lay down a record of his rambly, cosmic folk songs. The entire album was recorded in three hours, first-takes and impromptu production intact, then pressed up and introduced to the world shortly thereafter.

To focus on the yodeling aspect of the Yodeling Astrologer would miss some of the depth of this album. Not just a hippie novelty act of the time, this is a truly thoughtful and somewhat frenzied document• Like Buffy St. Marie’s “Meditations”, Linda Perhacs’ “Parallelograms” or “Cold Fact” by Rodriguez, this is an album of sincere folk songs colored with subtle psychedelic touches. Uneasy reverberations and soft echoes glide over Holmberg’s breezy songs, creating a consistent sonic environment as spontaneous as it is intriguing. Available on vinyl for the first time since an incredibly limited original pressing in 1969 on ESP Disk’.


Two Stars

Grok (Martian Love Call)

Romeo & Juliet

Little Boy

Lookin’ Out Today

Door Keys

Planet Of A Flower

Never Be Free

Look Into The (K)night

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