Red Crayola With The Familiar Ugly / The Parable Of Arable Land (Vinyl LP)


LP / Exact Repro Reissue

Label: International Artists

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LP / Exact Repro Reissue


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: IA-LP-2

Release date: 2009

Release notes

Exact repro reissue, originally released in 1967. “The Red Krayola’s debut remains their most celebrated and notorious effort. Although this was categorized as psychedelia when first released, it’s more like futuristic avant-noise-rock. Mayo Thompson’s flighty songs about hurricane fighter planes and transparent radiation are almost submerged by a cacophony of ‘free-form freak-out’ noise created on kazoos, flutes, harmonica, hammer, jugs, bottles, sticks, and more by a large ensemble of friends dubbed the ‘Familiar Ugly.’ Minority opinion holds that the wistfulness of Thompson’s tunes (the brittle ‘War Sucks’ excepted) and voice may have been served better by less self-consciously far-out arrangements. Parable of Arable Land was quite a daring statement for its day, however, with instrumental cameos by Roky Erickson on a couple of tracks.”


  • A1. Free Form Freak-Out

  • A2. Hurricane Fighter Plane

  • A3. Free Form Freak-Out

  • A4. Transparent Radiation

  • A5. Free Form Freak-Out

  • A6. War Sucks

  • A7. Free Form Freak-Out

  • B1. Free Form Freak-Out

  • B2. Pink Stainless Tail

  • B3. Free Form Freak-Out

  • B4. Parable of Arable Land

  • B5. Free Form Freak-Out

  • B6. Former Reflections Enduring Doubt

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