Various ‎/ Pebbles Vol. 9 : Original Punk Rock From The Psychedelic Sixties (Vinyl LP)


Vinyl  LP / Reissue


Label: BFD Records

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Vinyl  LP


Original Punk Rock From The Psychedelic Sixties


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: BFD-5026

Release date: 1980

Release notes

Premier series of 60s garage/punk/teenbeat compilations. This is the second to feature bands from Southern California.

Issued in 1980. Pebbles 9 is one of the best volumes in this legendary 60’s garage comp series. Roughly split between folk rock garage/pop/beat on side 1 and 60’s punk on side 2, this comp opens with great Show Me The Way by The Free-For-All, kinda like a power pop gem from 60’s produced by Richard Delvy of The Chellengers. Then, there’s The Endd with delicate garage ballad Out Of My Hands one of favorites too. The Girl I Threw Away by The Knaves is nice example of Byrdesque folk-punk. After merseybeat influenced Pretty Girl by The Bugs, you got another folk-punk gem You’re Never Gonna Love Me Anymore by The Bucaneer’s. Side one ends with two solid garage pop tunes by The Beckett Quintet and The Outsiders [famous for ”Time won’t let me”].
On side 2 you have some classic garage stuff! First off it starts with refreshing ”running” beat of Run Run Run by The Gestures from Minneapolis. Then you got a real 60’s punk gem Gotta Get Some by The Bold, with snarly vocals, fuzzed out guitar and bold lyrics [later covered by The Fuzztones]. The Banshees with Project Blue, a garage guitar freak-out is pretty famous by now alright! New Colony Six tune At The River’s Edge is pretty fine Them influenced rave-up. Come Down by The Beethoven’s Fifth is garage pop gem with searing guitars. It’s All Meat from Toronto with their 1969. single a-side garage punk classic Feel It, is latest recording on this comp. Pebbles vol.9 closes with two trax by The Bad Roads, Too Bad & Blue Girl, both sides of their killer fuzzed-out ’67. single.


Side A

01. The Free-For-All: Show Me The Way (Kevin Colley)
02. Byron & The Mortals: Do You Believe Me
03. The Endd: Out of My Hands
04. The Knaves: The Girl I Threw Away
05. The Bugs: Pretty Girl
06. The Bucaneers: You’re Never Gonna Love Me Anymore
07. The Beckett Quintet: No Correspondence
08. The Outsiders: I’m Not Trying To Hurt You

Side B
01. The Gestures: Run Run Run
02. The Bold: Gotta Get Some
03. The Banshees: Project Blue
04. New Colony Six: At the River’s Edge
05. Beethoven’s Fifth: Come Down
06. It’s All Meat: Feel It
07. The Bad Roads: Too Bad
08. The Bad Roads: Blue Girl 

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