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Vinyl  LP / Reissue


Label: BFD Records

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Vinyl  LP / Reissue


Original Artyfacts From The First Punk Era Volume 8


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: BFD-5025

Release date: N/A

Release notes

Pebbles is an extensive series of compilation albums in both LP and CD formats that have been issued on several record labels, though mostly by AIP. Together with the companion Highs in the Mid-Sixties series, the Pebbles series made available over 800 obscure, mostly American “Original Punk Rock” songs recorded in the mid-1960’s — primarily known today as the garage rock and psychedelic rock genres — that were previously known only to a handful of collectors.

The Pebbles series played a significant role in the emergence of a “canon” of garage-rock music and artists in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. In his review of the Pebbles series for Allmusic, Richie Unterberger comments: “Though 1972’s Nuggets compilation reawakened listeners to the sounds of mid-’60s garage rock, it only focused on the tip of the iceberg. Behind those forgotten hits and semi-hits lurked hundreds, if not thousands, of regional hits and flops from the same era, most even rawer and cruder. . . . More than any other factor, these compilations [in the Pebbles series] were responsible for the resurgence of interest in garage rock, which remains high among collectors to this day.



Side A

1. The Lollipop Shoppe – You Must Be A Witch
2. The Starfires – I Never Loved Her
3. The Gants – I Wonder
4. The Sound Barrier – (My) Baby’s Gone
5. The JuJus – Hey Little Girl
6. The Uncalled For – Do Like Me
7. The Bruthers – Bad Way To Go
8. The Clue – Bad Times
9. Faine Jade –    It Ain’t True

Side B

1. The Caravelles – Lovin’ Just My Style
2. The Human Beinz – My Generation
3. ? & The Mysterians –    Make You Mine
4. The Others –    I Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye
5. The Cindermen – Don’t Do It Some More
6. The Rovin’ Flames – How Many Times
7. The Rockin’ Ramrods – She Lied
8. Movin’ Morfomen – Run Girl Run
9. The Lemon Drops – I Live In The Springtime

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