Wayne County & The Electric Chairs / Storm The Gates Of Heaven (Vinyl LP)



Label: Spittle Records

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Reissue / Vinyl LP


Format: Vinyl LP


Release date: 2022

Release notes

Storm the Gates of Heaven reveals unusual aspects of County’s work: serious, reflective and profound.
The monologue introducing the title track is the only part that may be considered offensive. The sound is a blend of bass, lead & rhythm guitar, drums & percussion by the versatile Electric Chairs.

Embellished by Hammond organ, the title track rages against and laments the suffering caused by religious wars.
Cry Of Angels is an eloquent, even anthemic defense of Enlightenment values on which the guitar textures and the hook around the chorus superbly complement one another.
An artful blend of County’s characteristic outrage and the pure pop genius that lay behind the garish accoutrements, Storm the Gates of Heaven jams its eight tracks between two undisguised classics, the anthemic title track and a so-optimistic reading of “Tomorrow Is Another Day, not to mention a stunning cover-version of the Electric Prune´s “I had too much to dream last Night”


A1. Storm The Gates Of Heaven
A2. Cry Of Angels
A3. Speed Demon
A4. Mr. Normal
B1. Man Enough To Be A Woman
B2. Trying To Get On The Radio
B3. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
B4. Tomorrow Is Another Day

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