Don Bradshaw-Leather / Distance Between Us (2 x Vinyl LP)


2 x Vinyl  LP / Reissue

Gatefold Cover

Label: Distance

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2 x Vinyl  LP / Reissue – Gatefold

Presented in a matt-laminate gatefold sleeve.

Instruments include: Mellotron, piano, organ, percussion, voice, plus a guest female voice.


Format: 2 x Vinyl LP

#Ref: DIST101

Release date: 2022

Release notes

Reissue of this cult 1972 album.

During the long, dark hangover of the Summer of Love, this classically-trained Essex prodigy approached CBS Records with demo recordings. A forward-thinking A&R executive must have seen a potential revenue stream in Don Bradshaw-Leather’s avant-classical noise. The artist was given an advance to record an album. He used the funds to create a large studio in Sussex with many instruments including an actual church organ. Here, on his own, without the use of any electronic sequencing, he recorded ‘Distance Between Us’ using simply multitrack tape, layering each part of the composition. Upon hearing the product of their financial investment – four side-long tracks of blurry organ drones, frantic piano tinkling, and ritualistic percussion – CBS got cold feet. The album was self-released on Bradshaw-Leather’s own Distance imprint; a vanity label established for the sole purpose of releasing the album. The sleeve art is full of mysteries, from the misspelling of “Bradshaw” (“Bradsham”), to the coal-blackened visage of the bohemian madman on the cover (DBL himself?), to the rear photo collage depicting the same madman accosting a nude woman. The music isn’t any less mysterious; shapeless symphonies of smeared-out Mellotron, tribal drums, and wordless vocals. Don Bradshaw-Leather passed away in the ’90s. Presented in a matt-laminate gatefold sleeve.

” An absolute seminal obscure D.I.Y multitracking tour de force mixing mellotron/organ/piano/percussions for one of the oddest journeys thru spacey experimental/minimal avant-psych-prog musings reported in the history of weird transcendental manipulations fixed on a medium ; Grandmaster sorcerer & contemplator Don Bradshaw-aka Bradsham-Leather has arrived from the meanders of the unknown with this sole sprawling work, the one of a man whose real identity is still being questioned today,— and such work will continue to haunt us for some decades before our spirits can properly digest if only a small portion of the whole of the magical soul which was injected into it and through that glorious double-LP grooves. ” — GR


A. Distance Between Us – Part 1 (18:59)
B. Distance Between Us – Part 2 (18:24)
C. Dance Of The Goblins (22:58)
D. Autumn Mist (23:14)

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