Michael Yonkers & GR / The High Speed Recording Complex (Vinyl LP | Digital)


45RPM – Ltd to 300 copies

Label: Burka For Everybody


Reissue – 45RPM / Limited to 300 copies.

Recorded in 2007 / Originally released by Opaque Dynamo (as Lesdisques Blasphematoires Du Palatin, 2007).

** Analog 4-track tape recording processed & mixed By Michael Yonkers & GR
Mastered by GRegory Raimo (2010 Edition / Master 2)

Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: B.F.E 03

Release date: 2010


First issued more than 10 years ago (in very limited deluxe edition of 100 handmade CDs/2007) by Lesdisques Blasphematoires Du Palatin  — a memorable label name conveying a frontal cynicism towards the globalizing music appreciation’s most canonical sphere —, Michael Yonkers & GR’s The High Speed Recording Complex still remains today the unparalleled piece of Outsider Music it was predestined to be and, like the Phoenix rising again & again from the ashes of his aromas and incense nest, has sniffed the means of its own survival in the burning flames.

Living about 4500 miles apart from each other, both men found through the distance, beyond space geography, the simplest process of all by just sending each other the parts captured (at high-speed) on their respective 4-track tape recorder, injecting new material coming out of “transatlantic delivery” with new layered sounds and so on until the sonic multi-dispatch gets dosed in an outrageous mix. They coined it “The High Speed Recording Complex”.
Out of the speakers this is some boiling lava of tremendous noise diffused on the surface of the skin, — move closer, this is just future Blues licensed by natural germination!

In 2010, the album was reissued on LP by the Spanish label Burka For Everybody, offering on the same occasion a second master made by GR.It’s time to plug your ears again to this ultra dynamic, raw & powerful concoction which raises the Lo-Fi approach to a pivotal degree of self-liberation.

Lineup :

Michael Yonkers : 6-String Solid Body Electric Guitar & Wall Of Noise, Vocals, 4TTR
GR : Drums & Drumming Feedback, Percussions, Guitar, Vocals, 4TTR


(Side A) I. Why Didn’t II. The News III. Blindforce Of The Pulse Dynamo IV. Since I
(Side B) I. Big Distance II. Distortion, Blow My Mind III. The Sleepwalker (An Electric Sermon For M. R. Y)

Chronicles Excerpts

” Yonkers isn’t a smart arse, he doesn’t look down on others, this record with the French GR is the drone which Charlie Patton would have liked to ride, mutant shit that Yonkers and GR burn phisically. It’s urban blues which describes the outer limits with a cosmic urge in a hyperrealist way. Dudes!! Yonkers reveals himself in a god of thunder from Minneapolis in order to establish connection with the Mayas who built in Benidorm Eons times ago. On the whole, this guy definitely talked to ghosts and spirits. ”
_ Excerpt from B.F.E’s notes for the Vinyl LP edition

” … these two plug their electric guitars directly into your frontal lobes! With incessant, reverbed, choo-choo train rhythms on rattling percussion … Alien distortodelic rock n’ roll.
Or, maybe, we’re still asleep… ’cause we’ve GOTTA be dreaming. Is it really true that outsider underground guitar wranglers Michael Yonkers and Gregory Raimo team up on this lp? Yes indeed they do! ”
_ Excerpt from the Aquarius Records review for the Vinyl LP edition

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