Sensor/Spook – Collapse & Rise At The Air Mass (Tape | Digital)


Ltd to 100 copies

Label: Opaque Dynamo


Limited Serie of 100 copies

Format: Cassette Tape (Pro duplication)

#Ref: OPADYN05-SSP01

Release date: July 7th, 2020

Release notes

Recorded in 2018 / Opaque Dynamo (FR – Cassette Tape x100) – 2020

The 2nd artefact to come out of Opaque Dynamo’s Cassette Series cabinet (following Hôpital De La Conception’s The Electric Rockin’ Chair, 2018).

Sensor/Spook – Collapse & Rise At The Air Mass might just leave a long-lasting imprint on the hereby revered medium and, beyond, the vibratory forces which emanate from there might continue to stimulate the ear for some time after playback, the sound exposure would likely persist in echo hence the noise footprint etched in the mind.

Credited to GR/GRegory Raimo’s tape music experiments project Sensor/Spook, Collapse & Rise At The Air Mass is an improvised exploration in 2 parts offering mixed techniques of Tape Music, Concrete Music and Spacey Electronic Music. Combining various sound sources : electronic devices _ such as the prototypal stylophone, and a frequency generator _ with microphones picking up concrete sounds in direct, vocalizings, spoken words and noises produced by GR and his environment, coupled with reel-to-reel tape manipulations & looping processed to generate natural delay, harmonizer sound effects, textured elements, bits & patterns shaped into specific forms of rhythms, signal feedback via routing and minimal control circuitry.

One of the core concerns is the way through which an imaginative excursion can unfold subtle nuances in tone, with the way such nuances get connected between themselves (with degrees in highlighting some or shadowing others), progressively producing the substance coming together with the form in which Clair-Obscure is applied to sounds. The distribution of the connections between the lights and shades, the contrasts & transitions applied to space radiation in black/white/grey.

One could glimpse suspended shadowy figures & spectres, drifting slowly between the lower depths and upper heights of a mystifying vortex extremely vaporous, or surfacing from a boiling lava discharging tonal blowouts. The whole thing walks an hallucinogenic mantra, it carries away in its crawling flow the combining of the heaviest atmosphere, almost suffocating & terrifying, laden with burning heat, murky chills scorched in the flesh— with the most luminous and ethereal one echoed in shiny feedback, within the contemplated negative of the sound image distributed to the ear.

High output & transport, transcendantal Minimalism in clair-obscure.


Mastered from reel tape / Produced by Opaque Dynamo / Photography: GR

Available in a limited Serie of 100 cassette tapes.


Side A . Collapse & Rise At The Air Mass : Opening — 12:18

Side B . Collapse & Rise At The Air Mass : Following — 13:36

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