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Reissue – Ltd edition

Deluxe edition / Includes download code

Label: Black Editions

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Reissue – Limited edition / Black vinyl version

Deluxe edition featuring pure black paper cover and insert with metallic gold ink and all new artwork.
* Digital download is included. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI.


Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: BE-005/011

Release date: 2020

Release notes

Originally released in an LP edition of 500 in 1991 by P.S.F. Records, Japan (PSF-11) and CD in 1994 (PSFD-11).

White Heaven’s debut album Out is one of the greatest psychedelic rock albums ever recorded. First released in 1991 by Tokyo’s P.S.F. Records and pressed in an edition of 500 copies the original LP has become a holy grail in underground circles, with only a scant few copies ever making it outside of Japan. Built on the chemistry between You Ishihara’s lysergic lyricism and the blistering leads of one of Japan’s undisputed guitar gods Michio Kurihara, Out is an absolute classic. It is one of the few albums to successfully join a deep love of classic rock n’ roll with the rapturous energy of punk and openness of the avant-garde. Each song creates its own world, raising dynamic structures that defy categorization.

Meticulously re-mastered by the artists this new edition is the album in its clearest, most powerful form. Cut at the legendary Bernie Grundman studios and pressed at RTI it is now available on vinyl for the first time in almost 30 years. Black Editions presents Out in its definitive edition.

“What happens if you want to make a sound like Eric Clapton on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” or Ritchie Blackmore on Made in Japan – two early influences Kurihara mentions in particular – but you’ve never been in a recording studio before? What happens if you want to sing like Marc Bolan or Robert Plant – or even Lou Reed and Tom Verlaine – but you’ve never been on a stage before? Listen to what happened on OUT: a wide knowledge and love of classic rock sounds fused to a freedom of expression based not only on punk, but on avant-garde experimentalism. It isn’t that these young players had chops like that at the time. But neither did they need them to hit heightened moments of what I can only describe as rock rapture.”- Damon Krukowski

Lineup: You Ishihara – Voice, Guitar / Michio Kurihara – Guitar / Ken Ishihara – Drums / Naohiro Yoshimoto – Bass


Side A

1. Blind Promise 04:51
2. Dull Hands 04:53
3. Fallin’ Stars End 08:59

Side B

4. My Cold Dimension 03:31
5. Mandrax Town 11:50
6. Out 07:23

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