GR / Xperiments From Within The Tentacular (Vinyl LP | Digital)


Ltd to 300 copies

Label: Opaque Dynamo


Limited to 300 copies

Format: Vinyl LP

#Ref: ldbdp03-gr02

Release date: 2007


GR’s truly neon’n’flourescent avant-Street Punk classic XPERIMENT FROM WITHIN THE TENTACULAR, a bedazzling motherfucking gem in the chaotic Chrome lo-fi vein of (get this!) the first two Alan Vega solo LPs through a NEU 2/’Ruckzuck’ filter playing Todd Clark’s abrasive electro album INTO THE VISION in the monolithic ‘synth’ style of COMPASS KUMPASS-period Dalek I Love You. Motherfucker! GR is Gregory Raimo, a mysterious and wonderfully stylish neo-Krautrock master in somewhat the same area as Christophe F. from the Universal Panzies or perhaps Klaus Bloch from Extrem Musik à La Ping Pong. What makes this disc stand out, however, is not so much GR’s use of rock clichés and archetypes, but the glorious low-fi Dr. Mix & the Re-Mix manner in which it’s all captured, as soaring Rotherian twin guitars bark out songs with such mysterious titles as ‘Berlin Corpse is the Sister Damage’ and ‘A Rainbow Damnation’. That’s so beautifully Sir Lord Baltimorean, and GR on vinyl is one beautiful spirit, too.  _ Julian Cope


(Side A) I. 4 Tracks To Hell II. I Automatic III. The Vessel Bound With Bards IV. Berlin Corpse Is The Sister-Damage V. A Rainbow Damnation

(Side B) I. Schweiss Schweiss Schweiss II. Déviation N°1 III. The Phantom Suite IV. Bullets For People

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